Always have a spare key or leave one with a friend or relative. It may be cheaper to pay for a taxi than to have a new key programmed for your car. Some makes even require a whole new computer to be put into your car!!!

Buying a New Car? Insist on Security Pin Codes and Key Codes from your dealer. If your vehicle comes with a Security Pin Card, keep it with the service manual and keep the codes recorded at home.

Broken Key in the lock?

  • Do NOT stick something into your ignition or door lock to try to extract a broken key. It cannot fall out the other end. It will only force the key further in & make it harder to get out.
  • Don’t be tempted to try to super glue the key together. It will only glue the key into the lock.

Call SAS Locksmiths. We can extract it and cut you a new key on the spot, making it a lot quicker and cheaper!

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